9th, 10th & 11th June 2015
Paignton, Devon
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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions shall apply to all contracts between the Exhibitor and the Administrator relating to the Exhibition. Any variations or other requests must be agreed in writing between the Exhibitor and the Administrator.

All bookings must be made and confirmed on the official PAWRS website or in writing and only the Administrator reserves the right to refuse any booking without giving any reasons whatsoever..

The Administrator reserves the right to cancel any booking by written notice to the Exhibitor if the Administrator is for any reason not satisfied with the Exhibitors credit rating.

Exhibitors must comply with all applicable Local Authority Regulations at the time of the exhibition and any regulations stated in the Exhibitor's Manual issued by the Administrator.


All price quotations are subject to VAT at the rate applying when invoices are issued.

Quotations may be withdrawn at any time by the Administrator prior to acceptance and shall be deemed withdrawn if the booking form is not received within 30 days of the quotation.

The Administrator reserves the right to amend the price at any time prior to the Exhibitor's order.

While every effort is made to ensure that plans, specifications and drawings supplied by the Administrator are accurate the Administrator gives no warranty to this effect and shall have no liability in respect of any inaccuracy in such plans, specifications or drawings. The Administrator reserves the right to alter plans and specifications at any time without notice.


Cancellation of accepted orders and reduction of stand space contracted for must be notified in writing to the Administrator by RECORDED DELIVERY. A reduction in Stand Space shall be treated as a pro rata cancellation. In the event of any cancellation by the Exhibitor or failure to exhibit the stand charges will be due in full to the Administrator.


Up to and Including 1st March 2015     50% of Total Cost

From 2nd March 2015 and thereafter   100% of Total Cost

The parties herby agree that this is as an acceptable loss that the Exhibitor would cause the Administrator in the event of cancellation by the Exhibitor.


Should an Exhibitor fail to occupy his stand on the first day of the Show then the Administrator reserves the right to deal with the stand as the Administrator sees fit.


The Exhibitor may not assign, sub-let or grant any licence over the stand contracted for without written agreement by the Administrator and payment of an admin fee of £500. No cards, leaflets or other promotional materials except those of the Exhibitor may be distributed anywhere at the Exhibition except at the Exhibitors stand unless agreed by the Administrator.


The Exhibitor shall hereby indemnify the Administrator against all losses including consequential losses, costs, claims, actions, proceedings, demands, expenses, legal fees and disbursements incurred by the Administrator as a result of any dispute arising in relation to this agreement.

The Exhibitor shall be responsible for all health and safety issues in relation to their stand and should there be any personal injury or damage to or loss of property arising in connection with the Exhibitors stand during set up or dismantling for whatever reason caused the Exhibitor indemnifies the Administrator it's staff, sub contractors and any person authorised by the Administrator in respect of all losses (including consequential losses), costs claims, actions, proceedings, demands and expenses in respect thereof.

Neither the Administrator nor the Owners of the Exhibition Site shall be liable for any damage, loss or destruction of any property brought to the Exhibition by an Exhibitor. Insurance and liability rests totally with the Exhibitor for all property brought to the Exhibition and adequate Insurance must be in force for this and for Public Liability and Employers Liability at Exhibitions.


Should the Exhibition be cancelled, curtailed or severely affected by any cause not within the reasonable control of the Administrator including but not limited to war, fire, national emergency, strike, labour dispute, lockout, civil disturbance, storm, Act of God or non-availability of the Exhibition site for any reason the Administrator shall be under no obligation to refund all or part of the sums paid by the Exhibitor in respect of its participation in the Exhibition and shall not be liable to the Exhibitor or any other persons in respect of any actions, proceedings, claims, demands, losses (including consequential losses) costs or expenses whatsoever which may be brought against or suffered by the Exhibitor as a result thereof.


After acceptance of an Exhibitor's Stand Application the following will apply:

10% will be invoiced against order payable immediately

90% will be invoiced 01 February 2015 and payable within 30 days

In the event of non-payment of any invoice by the due date or should the Exhibitor die or suffer any incapacity, or any bankruptcy, or any insolvency or being a Limited Company enter into liquidation whether compulsory or voluntary or have a receiver appointed then the full price for the stand booked will become due and payable and in addition the Administrator shall have the right to cancel every contract with the Exhibitor in relation to the Exhibition or suspend or continue any such contracts at the Administrator's sole discretion without prejudice to the Administrator's rights to recover any loss sustained.

The Exhibitor shall not be entitled to withhold any payment due in relation to the Exhibition nor set off any payment due against any amount payable which it is alleged is due from the Administrator.


The Exhibitor must display it's name and address at its stand and if the address for service of any form of notice differs then that must be displayed also.

No form of advertising other than an Exhibitors own literature is allowed at anytime at the Exhibition and all advertising and literature is permitted only at the Exhibitors stand unless agreed by the Administrator.


The Exhibitor shall comply with all rules and regulations necessarily imposed by the Administrator and Local Authority and shall keep all walkways and gangways clear and shall not use any public address system or create excessive noise or disturbance to neighbouring stands.

The Exhibitor shall not conduct any games of chance or prize giving competitions without agreeing it first with the Administrator.

The Exhibitor shall not do anything that breaches the law on their stand and shall comply with all Health and Safety Regulations and Fire Regulations and shall ensure at least one person is always on the stand when the Exhibition is open.


The Administrator reserves the right to cancel any Exhibitor's booking and should it do so its sole liability will be to refund all monies paid by the Exhibitor.

Under no circumstances shall the Administrator be liable for any losses (including consequential loss) or damage suffered by an Exhibitor resulting from such cancellation howsoever the same may be caused.


All claims must be submitted in writing to the Administrator and to be valid must be received within two weeks of the closing date of the Exhibition. No claim or complaint will otherwise be accepted.

This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and the parties hereto shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court.

This contract shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law and the parties here to shall submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the High Court.






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