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RVS Launches 'Engine Stop Start' Technology to UK Market

Today RVS the UK's leading provider of re-manufactured and quality used refuse trucks and Effenco Hybrid Solutions of Montreal, Canada, announced that they are teaming up to deliver Effenco's patented 'Engine Stop Start' Hybrid system in the UK. RVS is the first distributor of Effenco's technology outside North America.

Spencer Law, Managing Director, RVS said: "We were very impressed with the savings and environmental benefits offered by Effenco's Stop Start system, and we are delighted to represent the company in the UK. It can be fitted to most types of truck and offers average fuel savings of 25% per vehicle. The system is already in operation across North America and is proving to be a big success. We are excited to be bringing this state of the art technology to our customers."

Colin Ryan, Effenco's CEO, has strong praise for RVS: "RVS is a great business led by people who approach the market the way we do, with a customer-first approach and a focus on execution. While we are very pleased with our technology's performance, we need flawless service on the ground in the UK to meet the expectations of the market. RVS is one of the few companies in the UK who can get it done at the right time and price."

Benoit Lacroix, Effenco's Vice President of Marketing & Sales explains why the company is targeting the UK: "Based on our hybrid systems' fuel savings performance in North America, it made sense to offer it in the UK where the desired environmental benefits will come with higher returns due to higher fuel costs."

Refuse vehicles spend more than 50% of their operating time immobile yet 25% of total fuel consumption occurs during this time. Effenco's 'Engine Stop-Start' system works by automatically turning the engine off when the truck is immobile and supplying alternative power to auxiliary systems such as bin lifts. Hydraulic energy harvested from braking and topped up if needed with engine power is used to restart the engine. Furthermore, the transmission remains engaged while the engine is off so there is no delay in re-start and acceleration.

The carbon footprint of each truck is reduced by up to 28 tonnes per year.

The system can be installed to new vehicles or retrofitted to used vehicles and comprises 4 robust, hydraulic and electric assemblies mounted onto the chassis rails. It has been successfully installed on a wide range of vehicles including Mercedes and Volvo chassis' as well as Heil, McNeilus and other refuse bodies. It can be adapted to virtually any truck configuration.

RVS has already equipped several vehicles operated by private waste haulers in the UK with Effenco data loggers to record the specifics of local routes in order to simulate hybrid system operations. The results confirmed that Effenco's technology can generate fuel savings equivalent to, or better than, those of the North American vehicles.

Spencer added: "During trials our customers confirmed potential fuel savings, so much so that we have already received our first order. We are preparing a demonstration vehicle fitted with 'Engine Stop Start', which will be available soon so customers can see how well the system works for themselves."

A leading provider of both quality used and re-manufactured refuse vehicles, RVS specialises in revitalising second hand dust-carts, stripping them down and replacing or repairing worn and defective parts, to provide high quality 'as-new' vehicles that cost a fraction of the expense of a new vehicle. The company also offers a host of additional services including vehicle financing, low-loader delivery and an extensive spare parts service specialising in second-hand and reconditioned components.

Effenco brings reliable and cost effective energy efficiency solutions to heavy transportation equipment. The company's most important market remains refuse collection vehicles where it has built one of the world's most extensive databases of vehicle operations in partnership with North America's largest private and municipal fleets.

"Our competitive advantage comes from knowing refuse applications so well and having the technical capability of adapting designs to applications," said Ryan about his company.

Beside the waste collection industry, the company also offers solutions for terminal tractors used by ports and freight logistics companies.

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