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Penny Hydraulics launch new Hydraulic Crane Range

Penny Hydraulics launch new Hydraulic Crane Range

Penny Hydraulics is delighted to announce the launch of their new range of fully hydraulic PH Cranes which will be exhibited at PAWRS 2015. Introduced to meet the needs of the 1 to 18 tonne UK commercial vehicle market, the PH Crane range offers over 470 lightweight, user-friendly and innovative models. The range has between 0,5 and 5 tm lifting capacity with boom reaches up to 6.83 metres. A variety of optional extras and accessories are available including full stability control, high speed hoists and radio remote controls.

With over 37 years' experience converting commercial vehicles and as Tier 1 suppliers to the largest vehicle leasing companies in the UK, suppliers to councils, utilities and highways companies, Penny Hydraulics are extensively well connected within the industry. These connections and customer feedback have made it apparent that there is a need for higher capacity cranes to service their growing fleets.

More than ever, these customers are under increased pressure to eliminate manual handling in their workplace. Statistics from the HSE, expose yet again the need to avoid manual handling and give more credence to calls for wider use of vehicle mounted cranes and other load handling devices. The figures show that one percent of all fatal, serious and over-three-day injuries during the last reporting year were related to manual handling. This represents 37,000 people whose lives have been directly affected.

Often the simplest way to reduce the risk of an accident and resulting injury is to remove the potential cause. Penny Hydraulics existing customer base understand that providing employees with a crane on their vehicles is a good place to start. Penny Hydraulics continues to play their part by adding new products and features that promote safety and make it easier for operators to specify and install their products.

The new PH Crane range incorporate full hydraulic control for even the lightest units. This type of control prevents the need to access the bed of the vehicle and coupled with the use of proportional controls, helps ensure smooth and precise load handling with reduced risk of the sudden and unexpected movements that can cause accidents to users and bystanders.

PH Cranes which are fitted with a variety of innovative safety features are powered via the vehicle battery and are therefore supplied in either 12V or 24V. Alternatively, where P.T.O. is available on the vehicle, a crane can be specified to suit.

A choice of remote controls is available. Remote controls are especially useful from a safety point of view because they reduce the need for operators to stand in close proximity to the load therefore, increasing operator safety. Two types of control are available. The first is attached to the crane by a length of cable known as a wander lead while the second is a wireless device that provides the user with complete autonomy to stand in any position with the best all-round view of the working area.

The new designs are highly compact, both in working and in transport position maximising important, usable space on the vehicle. Throughout the range, weight has been removed where possible without compromising on performance and safety. Operators can install a PH Crane with confidence that there is minimum impact on the overall vehicle weight leaving more carrying capacity for improved operational flexibility and productivity. Although this helps with all types of vehicle it is especially useful for those in the 3.5t and 7.5t classes where remaining within the overall weight and carrying capacity limits are always of concern to operators.

Manufactured from the latest high quality steels, including Domex and Weldox, crane structures are high strength and durable yet lightweight, helping to reduce emissions, maximise fuel economy and maximise payload.

Even ahead of the formal launch, PH cranes are exceeding sales forecast and are already proving to be a great success. Many units have already been installed on commercial vehicles and are in operation throughout the UK for companies such as Skanska, Ringway Jacobs, United Utilities, as well as Oak Leaf Gates, a Hereford based luxury gate and garage door manufacturer. In December 2014, Richard Eccleston, MD of the company approached Penny Hydraulics as he required a fully hydraulic crane to help lift work equipment and his customers high value bespoke goods onto his trailer.

A PH150, 1.5 tm crane was specified, lifting a maximum of 1230 kg and having a maximum boom reach of 5 metres. The crane is already having a positive impact on Richard and his team, he comments "We are really happy with the PH150, it's easy to use, compact and is helping us to work safer and smarter. Having the service back-up was a big draw for us if we ever need it in the future. Any vehicle or equipment downtime has a huge impact on our business; therefore we need to avoid this at all costs. It gives me peace of mind knowing that Penny Hydraulics has engineers on the road and that they can keep us up to date with LOLER Thorough examinations too."

Penny Hydraulics, founded in 1978, has grown to become the UK's leading manufacturer of load handling equipment for commercial vehicles. These products are serviced and supported by a nationwide network of engineers who carry OEM parts and have specialist knowledge of their products and the far reaching implications of health and safety. The service team is supported by an in-house team of designers, applications engineers and technical experts. Their accumulated knowledge provides insight into the market and the requirements of individual customers. Existing product ranges include Swing Lift cranes, V and FV hydraulic cranes and the Load Lift, Side Lift and Tail Lift loading platform ranges for use on pick-ups, drop-sides and vans as well as their own range of electric winches.

Through its membership of organisations including ISO and B.S Committees, SMMT and ALLMI, Penny Hydraulics is well placed to understand the challenges and issues facing all load handling equipment users. The four Company Directors are closely involved with the industry and actively participate on the bodies that agree standards and safety legislation. This has given the company a unique insight that enables it to deliver excellence to the industries it serves.






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